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Beverly  Solar Community

Beverly residents have a unique opportunity to sign up for community solar savings by joining a farm located right in their hometown. Plus, until 3/31/2020 residents can earn a sign up bonus of $100!

The City of Beverly has already joined to save on its electricity costs and support the generation of local renewable energy on the site of a former landfill - read the full story below.

Product is accessible and affordable. Most importantly [community solar] allowed us to go solar for $0 down.  In 2 months we have saved 20 trees worth of carbon!


Customer since 2016

I recently signed up and the process was smooth and straightforward, with no down-payments of any kind. I'm glad there is a good option for those who cannot put solar panels on the roof.


Customer since 2018


Stay with the project for 20 years, or cancel anytime without penalty if you provide advanced notice.

Annual Savings 

With a guaranteed 10% savings on the solar credits you receive, average subscribers will save 8-9% on annual electric costs by participating. 

$0 to Join

Pay nothing to join and no monthly fees to participate.


All Rights Reserved. BlueWave Solar 2019.  All references to 'BlueWave' refer to the BlueWave family of companies. View our privacy policy.

The Story of Community Solar in Beverly

Location: A capped landfill, as pictured to the left, 42 Brimball Ave, Beverly, MA serviced by National Grid

Size: 6 Million kWh, enough electricity to power over 500 homes for a year

Impact: 3,720 metric tons of CO2 emissions avoided annually, the equivalent of taking nearly 800 cars off the road every year

*Environmental benefits are estimates based on the average annual output of the project during the first year and calculated using the EPA Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies Calculator (2018). Neither BlueWave nor customers will receive renewable energy or environmental attributes from BlueWave’s solar development projects or community solar subscriptions. The solar farm identified is not owned by a BlueWave company.

The Planned Project in Beverly:

Image Source: Beverly Citizen 1.22.20

During the summer of 2019, BlueWave Solar, a Certified B Corp on a mission to revolutionize energy with simple, powerful solar solutions, teamed up with the City of Beverly to convert a former landfill into a solar farm. Not just any solar farm, this farm will be developed as a community solar farm which means that local residents and small businesses can sign up and by doing so, receive solar credits that reduce their utility bills. 

The City of Beverly will be a special subscriber of the farm through a power-purchase agreement that allows the city to significantly save on city electric costs and work toward decreasing local greenhouse emissions. 

We created a Neighbors of BlueWave program, meaning that as a resident of a town with a solar farm, you are eligible to receive a sign-up bonus of $100 when you sign up to join this solar farm as a subscriber.

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About BlueWave

About BlueWave

We’re a solar energy company on a mission to revolutionize energy with simple, powerful solar solutions. We are a certified B Corp dedicated to doing business for good. Together with our partners & customers, we’re working toward a clean energy future for our communities and for our planet.

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How Community Solar Works


You sign up to join the Beverly community solar farm which produces solar energy and sends it to the electric grid.


The energy from your farm shows up as credits on your National Grid electric bill, reducing what you owe.


BlueWave charges you for your solar credits with a fixed 10% savings rate applied.